Thai Visa in Phuket

If you are visiting Thailand and you want to stay for longer than 30 days then there are a number of visa options available to you in Thailand. We have listed the most common options for those who want to buy or live in Phuket and need to correct visa.

Business Visa

If you are wanting to operate a business in Phuket then you need to hThai Visa in Phuketave a work permit. You can obtain a work permit in Phuket however you will need to have the correct visa for this. Normally you need to have a business visa for a work permit application or a marriage visa which will then be used to apply for the work permit. The Thai business visa is issued outside of Thailand and is valid for 3 months once you enter Thailand. There is also a multiple entry business visa which is normally for 1 year. With this visa you need to do a visa run in Thailand every 3 months. In other words, you leave the country by crossing the border and then returning the same day to activate the next 3 months on your visa.

Marriage Visa

If you are married to a Thailand citizen then you can apply for a Thai Marriage Visa. This visa allows you to live in Thailand for 3 months once you enter Thailand. You can also extend this visa in Thailand to a 1 year visa if you can show an income of 40,000 Baht per month. This visa can also be used for applying for a work permit in Thailand. Speak to our attorneys in Phuket for more information about your visa options in Thailand.

Tourist Visa

The tourist visa is only valid for 60 days however this can be extended in Thailand for an additional 30 days if you want to stay in Thailand for longer. Speak to our attorneys about your tourist visa for Thailand. If you are going to cross in Thailand from another country via a land border then they will only give you 15 days stay in Thailand. If you plan on backpacking in Thailand then obtain your Thai visa before you arrive in Asia.

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